Friday Feature – Audio Options?

Evening Guild Rats, So I had a real exciting weekend just gone by. The awesome people at @fantasybookcritic on twitter agreed to read my book and awaiting review there! (First proper review!) Added to this I ran a FREE BOOK WEEKEND Promotion which led to nearly 100 downloads. (yes it's not a lot but for me it's huge!) … Continue reading Friday Feature – Audio Options?

Friday Feature – Coffee time

Evening Guild rats, How's it going? Another week down and life ticks along nicely. It's busy as per usual but not as hectic as it once was. However, I'm finding time really difficult to track down and commit to my latest project and still trying to promote Honour Among Thieves as well as dealing with … Continue reading Friday Feature – Coffee time

RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 8

Another Week, another amazing episode! After the fun of the film, Team ZJNC have a tough decision to make. Help Jazz acquire his package while reporting it back to Officer Rand in Vale PD or keep it and work for the mysterious Razzamatazz owner? Cyan is weary about the whole thing. This will take … Continue reading RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 8