Friday Feature – Fear of Failure

Evening Guild Rats, boy has it been a weird February. Had some good times and been very busy but had the "January Blues" hit me a month late. Struggling with writing, lots of little projects keeping me busy but not productive and work is making it a daily struggle.... boy oh boy.... I know I'm … Continue reading Friday Feature – Fear of Failure

Armello Adventure – Introduction

Hello! Welcome to the Newest segment by me, a story telling platform with a difference! For those who are familiar with my blogs, you will already know but for new fans on my website for the first time, there's something you should know... I love stories! I enjoy them in many different formats. Books, Audiobooks, … Continue reading Armello Adventure – Introduction

RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 9

Another Week, another amazing episode! Plans and plots come crashing together as TEAM ZJNC complete the job for suspicious businessman, Jazz. When they find themselves coming out the other side with more questions then answers, some of the team take it upon themselves to find their own conclusions. NEW EPISODE RELEASED EVERY TUESDAY 6pm … Continue reading RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 9