Agents list

Hello again writers, readers and everyone, Welcome to another one of my blogs. This week I’m trying something a little bit different. I’m putting out a poll. You see the idea of this week’s blog is to help me and possibly help others in their writing journey. So, what is the burning question of the … Continue reading Agents list

Goodreads Guide

Hello, one and all. Welcome back to blog. So on this week’s blog I’m talking about reading challenges and asking anybody is they take their reading challenge serious or whether it’s just a number for you to hit possibly throughout the year? I’m not a fast reader but I am highly competitive and therefore I … Continue reading Goodreads Guide

New Year, New Goals – 2020 Edition

Hello and holy moley! Has another year just flown by or what? Seriously, how quickly did 2019 fly past? Well... time to strap yourself in and prepare for 2020! A new year means its a perfect time to set some goals and shake things up a bit and that's exactly what I'm planning on doing! … Continue reading New Year, New Goals – 2020 Edition