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BIG KIDS BOOK CLUB launches a new episode every Weds and Fri! Check out our schedule below:

Wednesdays – Midweek Review: A Book review show in the middle of the week!

Fridays – Author Interviews and our Monthly Talk Shows: Mixing up chats with some of your favourite middle grade and young adult authors, with rambling chats with myself, Rab and Emma around a monthly theme.

Listen to the latest episodes of The Big Kids Book Club Podcast here:

Get to know about my amazing co-hosts here:

Rab Ferguson is a writer of YA and Middlegrade fiction. His YA novel The Landfill Mountains, about teenagers scavenging waste in a burning world, and storytelling as magic, is available for pre-order now. He’s also a performing storyteller, and can sometimes be found wearing a woollen cape.
When not writing, Rab works with young people in a mental health charity. He likes cycling, cats, and Bruce Springsteen, but he has yet to find a practical way to combine those interests. 
Rab finds it strange writing about himself in third person, but would very much appreciate if you would visit his website www.rabtales.co.uk and consider pre-ordering The Landfill Mountains. You can also follow him on @rabtales on twitter and instagram. He’s very happy to be contacted around his writing or with any ideas for collaborations.

Emma Keane is an enigma… or she hasn’t written a segment for her profile?
You decide…

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