Coronavirus Disruption to scheduling

Hello hello hello!

So… what a crazy time we live in.

So, with the lock downs in force, as you can imagine a slight interruption to normality has also filtered its way down to one as unhinged from what is reality as myself.

Here at The YA Guy Podcast HQ, I’ve had my normal life sort of shaken up with starting a new job two weeks ago to having to work from home and now my birthday plans has ground to a halt (it’s today FYI), well as you can imagine, my fledgling podcast has somewhat taken a bit of a back seat.

I’m going to endeavour to rectify that as I know that with people stuck at home its times like these that people need content to help take their minds off things as well as allowing me to be creative and take MY mind off it all.

I’ve got a ton of workload on for me today but I’m hoping to get the podcast up to you by the end of the week. Just a little delayed but all in good mood 🙂

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Wishing you all the best.

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