1st catch up of 2020!



Welcome to what I believe is the first post in 2020!

I’ve had a bit of a weird first week here in the new year. I’ve come down with the sickness bug majorly and that’s meant zero energy and zero wanting to escape from my bed.


It’s not been all doom and gloom however!

Thanks to this break in my usual routine, it’s meant I’ve been able to get more work on my WIP going and that is in some ways worth feeling like crap! (That and not having to go to work… I’m seriously down in the dumps about my work life, but that’s not for this blog)

2020 is a year of simplifying things. I’m not starting up a YouTube channel or trying to become an Instagram star, so it means I can focus on other formats like this. I’m trying to get a decent product going in terms of increasing my skills as a writer first and foremost, knowing that in such a competitive market, I’m going to need something magic, something like a WOW factor to my stories that’s going to make them stand out against the crowd.

That… and probably a little bit of luck. But I can’t fix that! Haha


What I can do is be more engaging. Therefore, I’m trying to reach out to my local community more. Take part in writers groups and meet like minded people. (Hint hint – if you live in the East Midlands of the UK then let me know!)

I’m really bad at making resolutions and keeping them so I’ve decluttered my writing life and hoping to find a spark of inspiration within it.

What’s your goal in 2020?


Are you going bigger or focusing in on the smaller details like me?

Excited to hear from you.

Whatever you’re trying to do, I wish you the best.

I hope to have a writing update for you by the next time I post so that’s exciting.

Until next time…

Keep trying. Keep moving forward.

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