Friday Feature

Hello Guild Rats,

Friday… Such a lovely day. But even better is Friday night! A night for excitement, adventure and most importantly… Friends!!

download (1)

NO…. NOT THESE ONES! (not that this wasn’t one of the biggest shows ever growing up)

I mean real friends.

The ones who help me when I’m down, shares my laughs through the good times, help push me to achieve and the ones who got my back in all I do.

They often say writing a book is a lonely experience and they’re right.

Hours in front of a computer locked in your little fantasy world, you start conversing with your characters in your own head than real people!

So knowing that when I need them I have my friends ready to help me gives me the will to succeed. To push through the long hours of work and reach the end, achieving my goals.

So here’s a Friday features to all the good ones, who will be there to listen to my insignificant formatting issues and help me see obvious plot holes that I’m blind to. But most of all to the ones who care even through all the weird sh#t I do.

Here’s to you guys…


Until next time… Stay out of trouble (if you can)

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